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Virtual Tuition Classes

Live Virtual Classes
BCPD Trust a Luton based Charity has launched new Virtual classes from June 2017 (May Pilot) focusing on English, Maths and Science for Key Stage 2 (Years 7-11), Stage 3 (Years 11-14) and GCSE (Years 14-16) students.

Read our FAQs for more information.

Classes are scheduled Monday to Friday between 5pm to 8pm and on Saturdays 11am to 1pm. Actual class date and time will be confirmed following booking.

These classes will provide learning support to students who are underachieving or want to improve their grades. Our aim is to help students achieve the grades they aspire and with the right attitude, hard work and determination even exceed their expectations.

Sessions will also include the following:
Exam Preparations
Exam Techniques
Homework Support
Nationally Accredited Curriculum
Individual support

Booking Tuition Classes

You can book Live Virtual classes now by viewing the Monthly Schedules below or book a Free Trial. We can only take a limited number of children each session hence please book in advance to secure a place. All of our teaching staffs are UK qualified and have DBS clearance.

FREE Live Virtual Tuition Class Trial

FREE Live Virtual Tuition Class Trial